Flush Kit Super Saver

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Flush Kit Super Saver

Save $20!! Your Daily Gentle Detox Cleanse and Oxygenator for clarity, energy, hydration & bowl regularity



Save $20!! Your Daily Gentle Cleanse for clarity, energy, hydration & bowl regularity 

Buy in bulk and save $20. Electrolife is nomrally $30. 3X 30 = $90. MSM is normally $29. (90x29 = $119) Yours for $99!


Whats in it? 

MSM - Bioavailable Sulfur 20oz powder

ElectroLife - Nano Cellular Nourishment 1oz liquid 

 *many people enjoy adding ElectroLife to their smoothies, juices, broths and water for added enzymes and minerals which aids in digestion, hydration, oxygenation and absorption of nutrients.



The Goal:

Use this powerful synergistic elixir to support your body’s natural digestive and elimination processes:

•    increase hydration, oxygenation and circulation 
•    balance pH, metabolism and weight 
•    purify and remove stagnant toxins and waste
•    increase vitality, clarity and radiant energy
•    support sparkling clean digestion
•    elevate moods

Enjoy this daily practice for your health and wellbeing, and experience a positive outlook on life!

Cass created The Morning Flush over 10 years ago. It has stood the test of time for thousands of us who have learned about it and used it daily. It is one of the foundational Pillars of the Five Signals practice. 

This proprietary protocol with is powerful, effective yet gentle ingredients takes your morning flush and hydration protocol to the next level. Cass spent many years developing this protocol trying hundreds of different ingredients and manufactures. He has now streamlined this daily solution and packaged it for you at an affordable price and easy to grab and go order. 

Takes less than five min a day

3 easy steps

It is the Synergist Effect of these ingredients that makes them more powerful and affective than on their own. Saving you time and money for optimal results.

How it works:
The body requires specific nutrients to hydrate and purify. The five major nutrients required are: WATER, OXYGEN, MINERALS, ENZYMES and VITAMIN C. These organic ingredients are the foundation of The Morning Flush Kit. Each of these ingredients is excellent on its own, but to fully hydrate and properly eliminate waste and toxins, the body needs all of these ingredients in one Synergistic Elixir!
Until we have all these ingredients together, the body sluggishly drudges along, using our vital energy in efforts to pull together enough nutrients to create the biochemical reactions required to fuel your natural hydration, elimination and detoxification processes.

Why you may want or need this Kit more than ever:

If you are eating cooked and processed foods and living in the western world, you may find you are needing more support. Cooked and processed foods are mostly deficient in ENZYMES, WATER, VITAMIN C and OXYGEN, and due to agricultural practices over the last 100 years, most of our food, even organic, is missing vital MINERALS we require. We are no longer eating like our ancestors or living in a pristine environment, considering the industrial waste and thousands of chemicals dumped into our air, water and food supply each day.

Morning Flush and Coffee:
The Morning Flush Kit has proven to offer more energy than coffee, while providing essential micronutrients and potentially supports the balancing of body fluid pH. It offers intercellular and extracellular stimulation, which contributes to the production of neurotransmitters and hormones. For those of you looking to kick coffee this kind of cellular stimulation can be just the thing to get off of the stimulants in coffee.

The Daily Flush Protocol: Three Easy Steps

The Morning Flush Kit offers a great way to start your day off right! It can assist the body in natural elimination, bowel movement regularity, healthy digestion, balanced pH, oxygen absorption, hydration, clarity, mood elevation and energy. It can also assist in the natural daily cleansing of the liver, kidneys and entire digestive system.
The protocol is simple and takes less than
5 minutes!
First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, when your body is in its natural elimination detoxification phase:
1.   Squeeze juice of ½-whole lemoIn a glass of 16-32 ounces of pure lukewarm water. 
2.   Add ¼-2 teaspoons of OptiMSM bio-absorbable sulfur.
3.   Add 10-25 drops of ElectroLife

Drink slowly, finishing the flush within 5-15 minutes.For best results, wait 20-30 minuets before consuming a meal or doing a workout.

It is common to have a bowel movement within an hour of the Daily Morning Flush!
Use only spring, reverse osmosis or distilled water and only lukewarm, not scalding hot. Avoid ice-cold water, since that can cause the body to contract and can be a lot to process. It takes more energy to process ice-cold than lukewarm water.

For our recommendations on pure water sources, go to the Water section. Conisder purchasing one of our recommended Water Systems

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