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This Cleanse Tele-Series offers 4 weekly phone meetings with a like-minded group.

Our focus will be The Four Part Clean Up: Mind, Body, Home, Relationships.

Step into your empowered, clean, clear, creative Self and Life!

You have the option to do a 7-28 day Digestive System Cleanse that addresses the whole body. There is also the opportunity to do a Candida, liver and or kidney cleanse with probiotic and mineral rebalancing. This all depends on your preference and health. Cass will assist you with figuring all of this out in the 60 min consultation included in the investment. We have built it all into this 4-week Tele-Series as part of the The Four Part Clean Up.

If you are not feeling called to do a physical cleanse and would rather focus just on making consistent healthy choices in nutrition, while focusing on the other 3 parts of the Clean Up, Mind, Home, Relationships, you are welcome too.

Cass will be covering the 5 basic signals your body is giving you every moment of every hour and teach you how to supply your body with the healthiest nutrients.

Aside from having the group focus and support, you will be given new information about safe cleansing, proper pro-biotic re-population, mineralization, pH balance and a mucus free diet!!

Own your vitality, health, vigor and youth!
Balance weight in all the places you choose too as you resolve the past!
Develop a healthy, clean, balanced diet and relationship with food and others.
Clear your mind, home and relationships of history and toxic waste.
Learn to set healthy boundaries with yourself and others.

During this 4-week process we will focus on your personal Inspired Outcome, for every aspect of your Life
and develop a structured plan, charting out every step of Success.

What’s included?

Along with the 4 week series you will share a 60min pre-cleanse consultation with Cass where you establish YOUR personal Clean Up Outcome, evaluate your mind-body system and design a specific cleanse with the specific cleanse herbs and supplements best for you. Together you will refine your Clean Up outcome, which saves you much time and energy.

This process includes movement and breath resources, authentic speech, realigning with your Inspiration, structured goal setting for success during and after. I will offer these resources to you every step of the way through a Tele-sessions and will be available for private live and phone sessions. I am also available for private phone sessions before, during and after this process.

You purchase the cleanse products separately, after your initial phone consultation with me where we assess your situation. You purchase the cleanse product from Arise and Shine and other sources (I am not selling them and make no profit off of them) In your consultation we will (together) establish the right cleanse for you right now. Do not buy cleanse products until after our consultation session. They are around $100-350 depending. Cass will most likely recommend other products to support your success. For all recommendations he makes you will be given the exact information of what and where to buy, all based on your Inspired Outcome...

The calls for the tele-series and the consultations are recorded and down-loadable. You will have them as MP3 at your fingertips! You can miss the calls and come and go as you choose without anyone knowing.

During the group calls Cass offers guided breath-movement meditations to nourish, detox and OPEN the mind-body system... You will be guided motivated educated and inspired to clear out your Mind Body Home and Relationships of toxic waist no longer serving you. Whatever you feel Inspired and motivates to have completion with. This is All done in the privacy and convenience of your own home by teleconference and or recorded down-loadable audio.

You can ask anonymous question- share your experience insights and revelations... And most importantly have the support you require, to take your Life to the next level that you Know you are ready for!

Our focus will be a 4-part clean up: Body Mind Home and Relationships. Together we will work with your personal goals and offer support and resources EVERY step of the way. We help you through the cleanse, and organize a structured plan for after the cleanse to keep you in alignment- clean, clear and on track.

Feel free to contact us with further questions.

Why would I choose to cleanse and do this process?

First of all, have you ever seen mucoid Intestinal Plaque? Mucoid plaque accumulates in your intestines over your lifetime from poor diet, stress and stagnation. It is literally a lifetime’s worth of dead toxic sewage, a decaying, rotting, fermenting, breeding ground for pathogens (parasites, viruses, fungus, mold, yeast, etc.) Plaque literally drains the vitality and life force form your system.

What are the benefits?
Increased Energy and Vitality
More Efficient Digestion
Greater absorption of nutrients.
Balance of body weight and circulation!
Greater Stamina
Increased Clarity of Mind
Overall Feeling of Improved Health
More Radiant Complexion and Fewer Blemishes
Possibly Feel pH Balanced for the first time:
That means fluidity and hydration in the joints and muscles, relief from back pain, heart burn, upset stomach, acid reflux, urinary track infections and more.
Increased Sensation, Range of Motion, Deeper Realized Breathing
Establishing Goals and map out Step-by-step Success
Establish healthy eating habits by identifying and resolving the unconscious triggers.
Structure to keep you on track, awake, healthy and present
Overall Feeling of Improved Health
How does mucoid plaque develop in the intestines?

We often eat heavily process foods that are hard for the body to digest. The body produces mucus to bond with and remove these toxins but in most cases is still unable to remove them along with the mucus. This is due to exhaustion form lack of hydration minerals electrolytes enzymes and nutrients when there is toxicity in the body there is cellular break down, a compromised immune system and physical aging. A toxic system is unable to process nutrients and you feel overwhelmed and tired. You see this in overall health and vitality, thoughts, emotions, relationships and creativity.

Some of the indications of a toxic system are feeling irritable, over emotional, overwhelmed, unstable, anxious, dehydrated, lethargic, pre-menstrual pains.

You can choose your level of cleansing intensity within every hour, day and week depending exactly on how you feel, your pH Balance and your overall goals! If you feel you would rather go with a different cleanse, based on your goals, just let me know in the initial consultation. I recommend two other intestinal and full body cleanses— and there are many other individual organ cleanses as well. 

From Cass:

I have worked with the Arise & Shine cleanse since 1998 and have coached hundreds of people through this 1-6 week process. I have created a streamlined and very effective system, saving you countless hours of time energy trial and error. All who have followed this highly personalized process have said outright that it literally transformed their lives for the better in ways they could not have imagined. (Everyone!) The first time I did this cleanse it completely change my life. Over the years I have removed over 45 feet of Mucoid Plaque.

About the private phone session with Cass

Coaching sessions clarify your Inspired Outcome and help you stay the course in maintaining them. This process focuses on accessing your gifts and Inspiration. Your Initial call with Cass will be BEFORE we start the cleanse, a 60-min private consultation where we establish your goals, refine your intent and focus and define all the resources and steps you are required to take. You will be given a check list and develop a schedule. Cass will coach you on the best cleanse products to investigate for your Cleanse-Up.

The reasons why we make unhealthy choices is generally due to the fact that we are not taking things to our highest level of Inspiration and dedication.

About the Tele-Conference calls

We will meet for 4 weeks all by Tele-phone. These calls will answer questions, coach, council, lay out the focus for that current phase and time frame, offer motivation, clarity and support. As resources you will be guided through gentle breath-movement meditations and decrees to balance support and even deepen your cleanse process. We will work with mapping out goals that come from the insights of cleansing-clearing and re-tuning.

During a cleanse process of this nature there are many questions that come up, along with the overall challenge of staying committed as you resolve habitual patterns (eating, thinking, relating). When done so correctly a full body cleanse can be the most effective, satisfying, rewarding, transformative process for your health and well-being.

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