Activate Your Nourishment Pathway

Working with a Five Signals Coach/Educator can save you time and money in the long run...


The Five Signals Coach/Educator is trained to support you in:

• Creating a Nourishment Program unique to your biochemical needs and lifestyle

• Deeper understanding of the Five Signals smell/taste methodology for proper nourishment

• Advanced one-on-one mentoring with the Pillars of The Practice

• Identifying nutritional goals and needs

• Building Strength, Vitality, Clarity and Immunity

• Becoming Self Referential and empowered in a world based in consumerism, marketing and disempowerment

• Learn how to turn on the body’s innate healing ability

• Strengthen immunity

• Spiritual growth

• Deeper rest

• Support with resolving dependencies and addictions

Increase inspiration, quality of life, focus on life transformation through activating your Nourishment Pathway...and much more.


About The Educator and Facilitator Training Programs

We have 3 levels of Five Signals Educator Authorization. These programs start with a 9 month training that includes two 5-7 day workshops, and 200-500 hours of direct Educational Training. As a starting point we have 2-3 hour Product Education Trainings (How to use the FiveProvide nutrients based on clients individual needs and the Five Signals practice), Intro classes, workshops and working one-on-one with one of our authorized Coach/Educators.

Students can become Teachers of the Practice as well as Teachers to the Teachers. We see the Five Provide System as a Life Training program designed to give each person the foundational resources they require to be independent, supported, and self referencing.

Authorized Coach/Educators are accessed through our website here. Email us for contact info of the Couch you would like to work with below:


Cass Phelps is the creator of The Five Signals Practice and BioTune - Sound Frequency Medicine™ sold here.  He offers workshops globally and holds a private practice in Kauai, HI. His clients are men, women and children: facilitators, students, creative artists, actors, singers, writers, directors, leaders, healers, CEO’s, corporate coaches and inspired souls from all walks of life. Cass also works with clients with complex neurological disorders and immune diseases such as cancer, autism, brain damage and paralysis. His gift of intuition allows him to assist his clients and students in their Self awakening process. Cass is the creator is the Author of ONE and the Awake-One Process, Another facet of the work he offers is The Gift Process. An empowering way to discover and share our essential nature as a gift to the world. His unique approach to nourishment, breath, sound and movement unifies the creative and healing arts as one. A strong sense of humor and laid-back style help to deliver the awakening transmission:  All Is Within.

Cass mentored closely with Continuum Movement’s founder Emilie Conrad from 1998 to 2005. He was an authorized Continuum teacher for 7+ years, Cass and Emilie developed worked together and taught workshops, he was a teachers teacher to the Continuum Teachers offering his body of work, insights and discoveries to the Continuum Teachers community completing in 2008. Cass honors Emilie Conrad and holds her in deep appreciation for her work and her influence. 

Phone and in person sessions Email for more info.

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