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It was Dr. Linus Pauling, an American chemist, biochemist and winner of two Nobel Prizes who said, "You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. This statement is not at all surprising if we looks at the work done by Dr. Schuessler on cell salts in the 1850's.

He found that the ability of the body to utilize nutritional material is impaired when there is a tissue salt deficiency. He also concluded that if the body became deficient in these essential minerals, the deficiency caused an abnormal or diseased condition. To Dr. Schuessler, a symptom was merely a distress signal, warning that a body constituent was missing and when restored, the body condition returns to normal.

Minerals are elements found in their organic form in all tissues and body fluid. Minerals are involved in all body processes such as hydration, syntheses of fatty acids and cholesterol, proper bone development, maintenance of nerves and brain, production of hormones and proper insulin regulation and liver function. Minerals support the immune system, promote healthy hair, skin and nails and help combat stress.

What happens if I don’t have them?

Mineral imbalances can lead to many many illnesses, diseases, and other health disorders like anemia and macular degeneration. Poor dietary habits contribute to mineral imbalances. Adding mineral supplements without knowledge of ratios and individual needs can compound these imbalances. Your Five Signals practice can teach you how to understand the specific minerals your body requires for balance.

Symptoms of Mineral deficiencies

Symptoms can vary considerably depending on the mineral involved and the severity of the deficiency. There are so many symptoms of mineral deficiencies that we can actually speak of them by category but it is too much to put all of that information here. I go deeper into them and ways to nourish and resolve them in the Five Signals Book.

Skin symptoms
Blood symptoms
Bone symptoms
Neurological symptoms
Hair and nail symptoms
Mental functioning symptoms
How do I get them?

Aside from organic trace minerals we require electrolytes. An electrolyte is a mineral salt which, when floating free in the body’s fluids, provides an electrical charge. Electrolytes control electrical conductivity, water balance (hydration), active transport of nutrients and the reliability of the taste buds. The proper ratios of these elements are critical for normal functioning. A poor sodium-potassium ratio, for example, can affect electrical conductivity to the point of chronic muscle tightness.

The body requires minerals in many different forms for different purposes and functions. Minerals are a major part of our biological foundation. When your minerals are correct you KNOW. You feel grounded, vital, balanced, positive, clean, clear, strong, healthy and Alive.  Food cravings are then for simple clean foods that the body is asking for.  The process of re-mineralizing can resolve mixed enteric signals. A craving for ice cream for example can resolve into a clear Signal/craving for healthy organic foods high in calcium.  Emotional “ego” eating can then resolve through Nourishment. Proper mineralization can literally rewire your neurology and assist in resolving trauma and stimulant signals.

I do not believe in supplements - I believe in food. The minerals I recommend are food. They are organic, as opposed to inorganic. They all come from Humic and Fulvic Acid, which are prehistoric and come form plants that have been broken down by soil based organisms making them highly Bio-Active and absorbable. In the mineral kingdom, the term “organic” means they come from vegetation or animals, whereas, inorganic means they come from rocks. The process of an inorganic mineral becoming an organic mineral is through the life form absorbing the minerals and converting them. We are a species that requires eating vegetation or animal products to get the foundation of our minerals. We do not have the ability to eat inorganic rock minerals and use them for food, and we do not have the ability to eat them and convert them into organic minerals. Many of the problems we are now seeing in our current civilization may come from consuming inorganic minerals from uniformed supplementation in foods and supplements.

Where do I get them?

The issue we are dealing with now is due to our current agriculture practices, which has been in place now for over 90 years (even organic). The fact is our soils are depleted of foundational minerals and the Humic and Fulvic acids that deliver them. This means most of us require mineral supplementation in the right form every day. As I was unraveling my own health challenges discovering these Humic/Fulvic Acids and the minerals they contain was literally the turning point for me. The probiotics in our gut literally cannot thrive and colonise without them. Without the probiotics and minerals we cannot get the nutrients into our blood!

There are 3 bottles of minerals I recommend taking daily. Ive worked with the manufacturers to get them concentrated and packed in glass (liquids) and safe vegetarian capsules (Ancient Earth powder). They come in small easy travel size bottles that you can add to your waters, smoothies, and all food! They assist in proper hydration, the absorption of food, the enzymatic process, pH balance and SO MUCH MORE! I highly recommend Fulvic & Humic minerals as they are the purest Organic (not inorganic rocks) bio-absorbable source for the body. We are talking about the mothers-milk of the Earth here.They are millions of years old coming from ancient forests broken down by microorganism, predigesting them into their perfect from for human consumption. There are DNA in these acids that are no longer in our soil. Scientists are blown-away by what these molecules can do – resolving heavy metal and chemical poisoning, killing pathogens and feeding the body on a foundational level. I know of their Power first hand with my own body and the experience of hundreds of people (including children) I have recommended them to, who feel called to choose to work with them.

Liquid Fulvic Concentrate This is an Electrolyte complex to add to your water. This is a living compound of electrolyte, enzymes and amino acids. Purchase 1 or more bottles (I would get four bottles for 4 months) 10-12 drops in water throughout the day… Excellent for hydration, energy, clarity, intercellular communication and circulation! Can be very supportive for immunity. Read all about this here.

Liquid Humic Concentrate This is my main recommendation!!! These are foundation minerals, which means they are the fuel for the building blocks of the body. The research done by scientists on these pre-historic acids and minerals is astounding. They are super small in molecular size and can easily enter the cells walls. An angel told me about Humic and Fulvic acid in 1998. This is the best company I have found. I have private labeled them and offer them here so people will know they are what I recommend live up to my standards of pristine quality!! All 3 of our Humic/Fulvic products come from a pristine mine preserved high up in the Colorado Rockies, safe from any chemicals, contaminants of run-off water or other industrial pollutants. Get them Here. 

Ancient Earth Minerals These are the Humic/Fulvic blend in capsules - easy to travel with. The powder form reaches deep into the digestive track, which can then be absorbed through the intestinal walls and enter into our blood stream. A natural chelator and excellent for feeding the healthy Micro Biota. Enjoy!

Opti-MSM (Bioavailable Sulfur) The 4th most abundant mineral in the body. An excellent source of  usable sulfur. A key building block for all connective tissue. Assists in the breakdown of scar tissue and calcification in the body. Assists in keeping the tissues supple and vibrant. An excellent detoxifyer when used in the Morning Flush protocol. 

ElectroLife in my experience and opinion this is 10X's better than Cell Food. A living compound containing over 85 dynamic trace minerals combined with 16 trace metabolic enzymes, 18 trace amino-acids, electrolytes, dissolved oxygen & hydrogen. It provides an unsurpassed oxygenating source and nutritional delivery system, to EVERY cell of the body. This is critical because oxygen aids the functioning of every system in your body. I recommend using this throughout the day in your water. Its also excellent for adding to liquids, like smoothies and juices as a digestive aid and activating the nutrients. I use these together with Opti-MSM and lemons water in the Morning Flush protocol. This stuff is very potent. It will literally eat a hole through fabric if you get it on your clothes. It is that bioactive. Ive been taking it for over a decade now and I find myself reaching for it just about everyday. 

Shilajit Purified Powder (Mineral Pitch) 84 powder minerals in Humic (food source) form. This stuff packs a punch but its not for everyday use like the Humic/Fulvic. 

I take all minerals with Camu Camu or another form of food source vitamin C. We require the C to deliver the minerals correctly, this is pure physics. We dont cary Camu Camu but the brand i recommend is by Ultimate Superfoods. There's is the purest and truly raw. If its light pink its been processed and is not good. Your looking for a truly organic darkish tan color with no fillers or binders. 

*In private consultations and on the tele-series I offer specific recommendations for creating mineral elixirs to activate and turn on specific aspects for your mind-body system.

Salt – Usable Sodium

We require a usable form of sodium to be in balance. Sodium is a key electrolyte, like potassium and calcium. When the blood sodium level falls too low, a person may develop susceptibility to infection, low heat tolerance, muscle fatigue or tightness, headaches, and poor appetite or nausea.

Many things affect sodium need. The more a person sweats, the greater their need for replacement. Vinegar pulls sodium from the body, so eating foods which contain vinegar increases the sodium requirement. Fruits and vegetables break down in the body to produce a certain amount of vinegar, so the more of these in your diet, the more salt you will need. Sodium also carries mineral into the bone, where it remains as a key building block.

Purchasing the right salt is important. Most salt is toxic or not the right form of sodium. I do not recommend sea salt. It gives dark circles under the eyes and contributes to inflammation. If you have bags under your eyes it may be due to the wrong sodium.

-The Original Royal Himalayan Salt
There is the one source of salt I have found the body can use (and I have tried hundreds). I do not recommend any other company- do not buy another “Himalayan” salt thinking they are all the same. This is the salt you can make as a Sol solution. (hydrated salt) It is recommended you do not cook with salt but add it to foods – warm or cold foods but not hot – as this changes the molecular structure of the salt. This salt hydrates the spinal fluid and can resolve strange food cravings.  himalayancrystalsalt.com

MSM Sulfur & raw organic Camu Camu real food source Vitamin C

Opti-MSM - as i said above MSM is a sulfur that cleanses and revitalises the body on a cellular level- it is know for dissolving scar tissue! When you take it with pure real food source vitamin C (Camu Camu listed above) it can stimulates the body to produces healthy collagen.

*You take the MSM Powder and Camu Camu Powder in 4-16oz of water together. When you have the right combo it taste tart, clean and refresshing. Yummmmm!

*I like to mix the MSM and Camu (dry) in a jar or bottle together to make it easier to take together… good for travel.

MSM-Camu Camu mixture is 1part Camu to 2part MSM… or to taste and preference depending on what you feel you require.

How much you take depends on what you feel in your system. Consider starting with a 1/3 tea spoon of Camu Camu and a half a tea spoon of MSM.

Last but not least of my recommendations: Rich’s MSM Drops (different site) You take this in addition through eyes and nose. Yummmmm! So good for the brain and eyes and inner-soft tissue… SOOO GOOOD!!

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