Eating Mono

Eating a mono meal grants one that “stop signal” that often becomes fuzzy when too many foods are combined. The reason is, if I eat only oranges for breakfast my body will tell me when it has had enough, but if I throw in some other fruits I will sometimes notice that my taste buds are overstimulated, and although I may have actually had enough food, I will continue eating anyway. Overeating, even on live raw food, is unhealthy.

Give Your Belly a Breather - Each food digests at a different rate, raw or not. Although all fruit digests very quickly, there are even small difference between say, a banana and an apple, or even between an orange and a grapefruit.

Eating a portion of your meals in line with a mono food approach gives the body a big break when it comes to digestion, as only one food has to be digested. Thus, the food is digested faster (since no other food is holding it up in the stomach) and with less energy. Plus because you are following your Enteric signals you are eating what your body is asking for, when it's asking for it, which means you are eating exactly what your body can use right now. This can lead to feeling very in-alignment with your biological rhythms, the planet, all life-forms and your Spirit... your Life path.

If the body is using less energy for digestion, then this energy can be used elsewhere – like for taking a nice bike ride or doing a little much needed detoxification in some cases. It can also allow you the breathing space to feel the deeper underlying resonance with your Self in Source, which in my experience is the foundation of my health and nourishment.

Eating mono meals has a lot of the same perks as juice or water fasting, except…you get to eat!
The approach is built in and around the biochemical individual. Eating mono means, eating one food at a time- eating it slowly and preferably in its raw organic original state. Listening for taste and texture change as well as for the satisfied or stop signal.

If you are interested in a Mono "Anopsology" practice you can do a search on line and also go here for more:

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