What Are The Basic Five?

The Basic Five

“The way you feed yourself is one way
you love yourself”
- Cass Phelps

There are Five foods our body is looking for from birth. Our body gives us very clear Signals for these foods, telling us the exact forms and precise amounts. Each person's needs and preferences for these foods are very personal, based on our biochemistry. Our biochemical signature is very unique - no two bodies are alike.

These Five Foods when combined correctly through what I call the SynergyEffect can lead to the production and activation of Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Human Growth Hormone and a whole slew of other yummy Bio chemicals. These are hormones that affect our moods, our thoughts, how we build a strong, balanced and vitality-ALIVE body, immune system, and our ability to function at our highest potential!

We cannot expect to feel Inspired and fully alive if we are malnourished. Many people cannot absorb nourishment because they are in a traumatized nervous system and are in a fight or flight response. This can be addressed through the Five Signal Practice. Nutrition is not simply about the quantity of food we consume, but also the quality and our approach to it. People with chronic malnutrition are sometimes overweight as a result of their diets, but they are still not receiving the balance of vitamins and nutrients needed. This is oftentimes why we are overweight because we are still seeking the nutrients required and are not getting the Satisfaction Signal which activates the production of dopamine and serotonin. Yummmm!

The FiveSignals Practice teaches us how to listen to our body's communication system through cravings, sense of taste and smell, and sensations. The outcome is a healthy relationship with food and Satisfaction… a rare experience when it comes to eating.  

The symptoms of being malnourished vary and depend on what is causing the malnutrition. If unaddressed, malnutrition can lead to mental or physical disability, illness, and possibly death.

Some general symptoms of malnourishment include
emotional volatility or illogicality
feeling tired all the time and lacking energy
slow response time
weakening of the muscles, which then begin to waste away
increased vulnerability to infection
delayed wound healing
rapid hair loss
brittle nails
dry and flaky skin
poor vision, dull and/or bloodshot eyes
high or low blood pressure
in women, periods become irregular or stop altogether
low testosterone or estrogen level
high production of adrenaline
persistent diarrhea

These are just symptoms of malnourishment -
they don’t reflect who you eternally are. Rather than evaluating yourself simply introduce the nourishment required and watch how the symptoms disappear.


What nourishment do you require now?

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