Secondary Cleansing

Grapefruit Cleanse

1 take one fresh Grapefruit and slice and cut it up as tiny as you can into small pieces, including the peel.

2 Next, open the gallon of distilled water and put the cut up grapefruit inside the jug of distilled water(the wa-ter displacement from the grapefruit will cause some water to spill out..this is ok.)

3 Then, put the cap back on the jug of distilled water with the grapefruit inside.

4 Now, set the grapefruit aside in your cabinet for 1 day, allowing it to sit at room temperature.

5 Afterwards, the next day, open the jug of distilled water, take a clean cloth or a strainer and pour the water out into a clean container, making sure to strain the water from the grapefruit.

6 Drink the water, it will taste citrusy, but sip on it through the day on an empty stomach.

7 Finally, keep drinking the water. You will know that your body has been detoxed, because your skin will look brighter(repeat these steps, if need be, results vary).

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