The Pillars of the Practice

There are 4 pillars in the FiveSignals Practice:




I notice that each person is drawn to a specific pillar based on their own unique needs and biochemistry. Trust your body and don't feel like you have to take-on all 4 pillars. 

Each Pillar assists you with: Reclaiming your Innate gut knowing - Building your strong lean bod - Strengthen your immunity - Taking back your senses and reclaiming a healthy relationship with food - Gently detoxify and most of all - Nourish YOU on a foundational level so you can  experience the amazing feeling of Satisfaction! 

In my own personal healing process these Pillars along with the Foundation Kit (Humic/Fulvic minerals and probiotics) and Morning Flush Kit (MSM & ElectroLife) literally saved my life. They helped repair my gut, built my immune system, resolve my severe candida overgrowth, give me vitally alive foods and activated my Synergy Effect. This is where for the first time in my life I experienced SATISFACTION and all my reward chemistry came on-line.  I began producing the amazing neurotransmitters (opiates like Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin) that reminded me I am a super human and am capable of whatever I put my focus and energy towards.

If you are not drawn to any of the pillars you may be seeking to experience your unique

Synergy Effect through other specific foods. Stick to THE PRACTICE and I promise you, you will

  1. experience the most amazing feeling of biological SATISFACTION!

In the workshops we work more specifically with amazing recipes. Like my Super You Superfood Protein Salad or for meat eaters my Synergy Steak.

Stick to the Practice of Listening, Foraging, Touching, Smelling, Tasting, Experiencing and Reflecting...Yummmm... It can lead to BALANCE and realising Your full potential.  


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