LIVING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL - 4 Week Tele-Camp - Includes 2 Tele-Series - MP3 Recorded Live 2016

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4 Week Tele-Camp 2016



This is for both the FiveSignals and The Gift Process tele-series recordings. Separately they are $95 each. Together for $165. Save $25. 


4 Week Tele-Camp with 9 session

Awaken Your Nourishment Pathway - 2016 MP3

The Gift Process: Discover, Receive, Share Your Gift With The World - 2016 MP3

Over 20hrs of content including Synergy5 Recipes, cooking videos and learning modules!


Why are you offering these two series together during the same time?
I’ve coupled these two aspects of the work together, because they go hand in hand. We need the fuel to fulfill our dreams and inspiration (Nourishment), and yet most of us don’t really want the best fuel, if we are not in alignment with our life calling and or don’t have the tools and resources we need to fulfill them. 


Awakening Your Nourishment Pathway Tele-Series : Five Signals Practice (click here if you only want to register for this series and not the whole Tele-Camp) 
This is a crash course. Cass is distilling the very best and most useful resources of the FiveSignals Practice, traditionally a 3 month program, into 4 sessions.. Creation has accelerated.

This series can be used for an upgrade with your nourishment. I will be teaching you the entire FiveSignals system that awakens your body's innate Nourishment Pathway for the most profoundly satisfying, lusciously delicious, absolutely highest level of NOURISHMENT. This is not a cookie cutter diet! You will learn how to listen to your unique body’s natural needs, and together, we will sculpt a Nourishment Lifestyle that fits YOU. I will be teaching you how to best set up your kitchen and tricks for staying nourished and on target in the day-to-day work and travel schedule. You will learn how to pack your meals full of balanced nutrients that give you all the energy, clarity and stability you require. I will be giving you my blissful recipes and teaching you how to experience the amazingly satisfying Synergy Effect.

*For those of you wishing to do some cleansing, release weight or just push the restart button. we will cover this, and through it all, you will have my support and the power of the group field – very uplifting and motivating. And, for a more in-depth Cleanse Program to take into this Series, I recommend scheduling a consultation with me beforehand.

The Gift Process : Discover, Receive & Share Your Gift With The World -  (click here if you only want to register for this series and not the whole Tele-Camp) 

This is also a crash course, normally a 4month Process. You experience the very essence of the Process in an easy fun and deeply revealing way! 
Everyone is born with an essential innate gift that plays a unique role in the eco system. In our homogenized world based in fear and consumerism, we have been taught to think and live the same, to overlook our unique gift and our inner source of power and to seek outside of ourselves.

Every thing I offer in my work comes from following the Gift Process. When I was 24, I made a commitment to live my truest life, following and doing only what I love and feel inspired and energized to do. This activated an innate biological – gift – process. An inner knowing became more and more alive, guiding me inward to listen and to ask specific questions. I was given homeplay, guided to observe and allow... Slowly over the course of 12 years as my life became 100% of the time me living my Gift and seeing thousands of people around me benefit from its natural effortless overflow, the Gift Process crystallized, and in 2009, I began to offer its teachings. Since then, thousands of people have transformed and reorganized their lives, by placing themselves on their natural life course according to their blueprint and innate role they were born to play in our ecosystem. Here is one young woman's beautiful and inspiring story about her Journey with the Gift Process:

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