Sonic Level Four Mp3 Download : A Lush Harmonic & Primordial-Nature Soundscape with Frequency Medicine

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Sonic Level Four

Sonic Level Four : A Lush Harmonic and Primordial-Nature Soundscape with Frequency Medicine


Focus & Create

• Be the light of the world
• Listen & act from higher inteligence
• Physical electro-magnetic grounding
• Greater capacity in forgiveness
• Stay the course for COMPLETION

Sonic Four builds on Sonic One, Two and Three
Pure sonic frequency tones mixed with primordial nature sounds of birds, ocean waves, whales, dolphins, human heartbeats, and pure running streams. Designed to achieve a consistent, relaxed, inwardly aware, creative state. Assists in relaxed, peaceful inspiration and focused creation coming from Whole-Mind Intelligence. Works with accessing new ideas, information and innovation as well as "staying the course." Supports vitality, inspiration, compassion, clarity and deeper knowing of Oneness with Source-Creator within and throughout all life.
This program works with tuning you more deeply into your Gifts and helping you see and realize how you can share them. It teaches you to hold the Source of Life within while you Create. It assists in aligning you with your intentions that come from Whole-Mind Intelligence, extending and expanding within and throughout all that you "do."
A Sound-Track For Life:
Many people choose to use this program playing through speakers in their work environment to drop deeper into Whole-Mind Intelligence, allowing flow and ease. It is excellent played as a background atmosphere for greater insights, supporting truthful and positive interactions, creative projects and business meetings.
Mothers have used this program during pre-natal process as well as during the actual birth process.
Artists use this program while creating and have reported deeper, more authentic expression.
People have reported using this program to facilitate creative, innovative thinking for business projects!
We have several clients who are facilitators, body workers and estheticians using this program during their session with their clients! They report to us there clients relax and enjoy the session from a deeper more connected place, and that it increases
their gifts for healing.
Sonic Four works with:
Deeper ability to hold higher intelligence Insights and new vision
Accessing and receiving your innate Gifts for yourself
Learning how to fill up and overflow with your Gifts then share them with others
Ability to logically hold truth, peace and love then share them through your Gifts and knowing in the present moment
Seeing new ways to share with fearless inspiration and truth
Being a team-group player from a place of ease, inspiration, higher intelligence and grace
Peace Love Capacity to "stay the course," following inner vision while Creating
Being the light of the world honoring yourself and others while knowing Creation is within all
Releasing the need to fix
Create anew from the present moment
We recommend listening to Sonic Four through stereo speakers while working, creating, or use headphones sit or lie down with eyes closed. Relax and let go.
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