Gift Process Part IV : COMPLETION : 2013 MP3 Audio Recording

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Gift Process Part IV A

Gift Process Part IV 


Live Teleseries: Recorded May 9, 2013:  

For those of us looking to take a Project or Inspired Idea through to completion.

Develop your ability to stay the course through to completion!

Many say this was their favorite series yet! It is packed full of invaluable guidance, insights, and perspectives to support and motivate you to take the next steps in front of you, to complete a project, and share your Gift with the world.


We work with the neurology and movement of Start, Followthrough and completing. Then Celebrating!!! 


This series offers 4 weekly sessions, timeline, guidance, and structure. We work with a balance of talking and internal breath movement Dives. *The group sharing in this series was phenomenal. So much support as each person moved with the challenges their project brought forward. 

This series was limited to 16 people for quality and intimacy.

Enjoy the communal support of like-minded FOCUSED people. 

We recommend doing the 12 Weak Gift Process Program before investing in this Completion Series.

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