Learning the Secret Language of your Gut

Research suggests that when the gut brain is out of balance (homeostasis),
weight gain, inflammation (inflammatory reflex), and diseases of the
digestive system but also our very mood and outlook on life are all
affected. This is why a method of positive autonomic stimulation that in
turn balances Enteric Brain function is a milestone in therapeutic healing
approaches, with the potential to end a large amount of human suffering and disease.


The Synergistic Effect

“An effect arising between two or more agents, entities, factors, or substances that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

Why is the SynergyFive Formula valuable and what does it mean to me?

The body requires the five basic forms of nourishment in a unique combination based on our biochemical needs. This combination creates a Synergistic Affect where the combined parts work together to create a more powerful source of energy: NOURISHMENT. When the body gets what it requires it produces what is known as Reward Chemistry. These are chemicals like serotonin and dopamine which elevate our moods, positive sensation, and increase energy flow throughout the body. What very few people know is how to activate the Synergistic Affect in their body, which activates the reward chemistry. Many of us have gone through life rarely ever experiencing this ever elusive satisfaction state. The candy bar companies know exactly how to get us there- they are simply using stimulants to do so.

Not only do we teach our clients how to activate the Synergistic Affect, what we call the SynergyFive Formula, we also offer whole organic real foods synergistically combined in the most bioavailable powerful blends in the form of Food bars and pre-made SuperFood Smoothie Blends.

We are literally neurologically hard wired to eat FAT, SUGAR, PROTEIN and MINERALS together in a perfectly combined form. This is what is in Mothers Milk. Our instinctual gut knowing and sense of taste and

smell are constantly guiding us how to establish this unique combination that is specific to the moment, based on what our body requires for balance. Balance means energy, vitality and immunity. The Synergistic Effect of the Basic Five literally activate our brains neurotransmitters and reward system of our biochemistry. Why? Because we need them!

So why are we addicted to stimulants and fast foods?

The food industry wants to sell its product. What we know know is that many of those products are hi- jacking the brain because they are combing the Basic Five together in stimulant forms. These over processed forms of our foundational functional foods often have 10 times the stimulating affect on our system. Releasing extreme amounts of dopamine, serotonin and many other opiates—much like drugs do. The way these foods are processed are the same ways drugs are. Many of the “vitamins”, “preservatives”, “minerals,” “natural flavors” and food texturizers are chemicals designed in labs and manufactured for mass production—Just like drugs. When you combine these together with the right temperatures and smells you have the perfect brain manipulators.

What most people don’t realize about nourishment is that when you are truly nourished you feel satisfied and your cravings for processed foods, stimulants, suppressants and drugs go away. This is because you are satisfying the foundational needs your body is asking for and therefore your body is producing the same chemicals that we otherwise seek from these hallow runaway substances.


The Basic Five